Massagetherapy Information

The Unsung Virtues of Massage Therapy

Massage is a method that is being recommended even by an increasing number of doctors. As a therapy, it has a relaxing effect on tissues, muscles and the entire body. The well observed are the ones that most people keep repeating such as it lowers blood pressure, etc. However, the changes it brings can extend to levels deeper than just simple relaxation. Massages provide psychological and even emotional benefits that are next to impossible to measure or define.


Massage provides introspection, inspiration and insight. The reason for all these being that the touch of a massage therapist has significance. Massages remind a person what it feeling good actually is and a person needs this to grow in a mental as well as emotional sense. This motivation brings about a sense of well being that is very essential.

Neurology clearly states that facial expressions and posture strongly influence one’s emotional state. During a massage, the therapist focuses on the posture while the massage recipient receives relief which is important for his facial expressions, thus ensuring emotional maturity. Regardless of whether it is the intended goal or a side benefit, the skin and other senses feel rejuvenated bringing about calmness and a new sense of awakening to a person.

How to Choose Appropriate Massage Therapy?

Choosing a massage was not known, but recently, there are many types of massage therapies available. There are variations in each massage type and so people have to know to choose the massage that is suitable. Especially, if you a newbie, selecting a particular massage type may be overwhelming. You may follow this guide. 

Swedish massage is relaxing and also deeply healing. It helps reducing pain syndromes, cancer, diabetes, immune problems and also depression. This massage is about giving long strokes and moderate pressure on the muscle. Ideal for full body relaxation or also if you wish to be deliciously pampered. 

Deep-tissue massage gets into the belly of your muscle addressing the muscle attachments. Some may find it painful, but actually it is really therapeutic. It is ideal to choose this if you have muscular injuries or chronic tension. 

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy that is done using hands and fingers. They apply acupressure and massage and also include gentle stretching. 

Thai massage will keep your clothes on, but you have to lie on the floor and allow your therapist to work on your body. This includes stretches to release muscular tension. You will feel invigorated as it charges you completely.

Massage Therapy Oils and its Properties 

Massage oil is essential for body massage. Now, massages are done in many types or various reasons. Different oils are used depending on the types of massage. Massage has immense therapeutic value. Obtaining the maximum benefits is possible on using the most suitable oil.  The common oils used for massage are sweet almond oil and olive oil. However, there are many more options.

Massage oil must include certain properties to make it effective and offer the relaxed feel. The properties are:

  • Density: It should be generally filtered and pure, not very dense.
  • Absorption: It must get absorbed into the skin after a reasonable time and not immediately.
  • Odor: Avoid unpleasant odor. Ensure it is nutritionally good.
  • Low Viscosity: The viscosity should be low, which means the oil must flow on the skin and should not stick like any syrup.
  • Moisturization: It must moisturize well so that the skin stays smooth and hydrated for a longer period of time.
  • Not too Drying: Oils such as hemp oil can have a drying effect and dry faster than other oils. Such oils are suitable in some massage types to feel a bit dry.
  • Purity: The quality matters. Generally, filtered oils are more refined and ideal to touch. Unrefined oils are greasy and are used only for specific reasons.

Massage Therapy Oils-Who Should Not Use? 

Massage therapy oils are normally safe and pretty harmless. Hence, massage is done using different types of massage oil, yet it may be risky for some people such as: 

  • Kidney failure – People undergoing dialysis must not get oil based massage
  • Heart disease- People with cardiovascular and heart problems must strictly avoid oil massages as they have high fats.
  • Bleeding disorders- Oils contain anticoagulant properties and so people are at risk. In case there is abnormal bleeding owing to some disorder, they must not use oil for massage as it lacks anti-coagulant properties.
  • Cancer- In case you suffer from cancer, oil massages are not recommended as it may damage fragile tissues enveloping the cancerous tissue. 

You can make personal massage oil at home. It is easy that anyone can do it at home. You need to have some basic knowledge of the carrier oils, essential oils and the type of aromatherapy oils you wish to prepare. You must also consider the fact, whether it is used for relieving physical stress or mental exhaustion. 

The procedure to make at home is simple it includes Carrier Oil  – 4 ounces and essential oils such as eucalyptus a few drops and less strong oils to be added in moderation.  You can use herb as well.

Massage Therapy Benefits with Essential Oils 

Massage therapy indicates benefits to your body. It has innumerable health benefits and each massage varies from the other. Likewise the oil used for the massages also varies. 

Massage has medicinal importance. Though, it does not ask you to gulp down few pills or to take some tonics, it offers relief from your pain through massage and massage oils. The oils chosen are based on the health issue. It has medicinal importance and so oil is chosen depending on the health issue of a person. 

The traditional Hawaiian massage is done using coconut oil mixed with Leuki tree. The metamorphic massage performed only on hands, feet and heat considers blending essential oils with jojoba oil. In fact, Myofascial release massage requires no oil.  Reflexology massage requires lavender essential oil  as it helps in stimulating reflexology points. 

The stone massage is equally important and popular where the hot smooth stones offer heat treatment and is suitable to improve certain conditions. In this the stones are coated in oil and are given heat treatment. 

Swedish massage is based on 5 different types of strokes and requires sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil. Thai Massage is not based on oil. It is a structurally demanding massage. It includes poses same as Yoga asanas. The diversity of massage oils are best suited, but are not compulsory.

Do you know the benefits of Foot massage? Watch the video below.